New Year, New Me

When I walk to class in the morning the birds are chirping a little louder and the sun is starting to peek its head above the horizon instead of staying hidden for another hour. It’s January and there is a sense of newness in the air. The earth has just completed another cycle around the sun, reminding us that we are here and have made it through another year. To celebrate we make a pledge to renew ourselves in the coming months. Gym parking lots start to fill up, more books are being checked out at the library, and people start painting again. While many people find New Year’s resolutions arbitrary, I find them beautiful.

While I am constantly making resolutions throughout the year, New Year’s Eve for me is like hitting the refresh button. It puts things into perspective. I can reflect on the things that I have achieved in the past and look at the goals that I can take with me into the new year. While my goals will inevitably change as I learn and grow during the coming months, it is nice to have a base of resolutions to build the rest of my year off of.

~ Share more writing publicly

~ Publish more blog posts

~ Write for 30 min a day

~ Get outside and enjoy nature everyday

~ Save up $4,000 for Europe trip

~ Exude more happiness

~ Smile more, hug more, talk to strangers more

~ Meditate for 10 min a day

~ Exercise 3x a week (find what you like and stick to it)

~ Try a new recipe every week

~ Be more productive

~ Make a to do list every day

~ Become fluent in Spanish

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