What’s Inside My Journal?

I have a stockpile of old journals sitting on my desk. They serve as the encyclopedia to my life. The thoughts I’ve had, the songs I’ve liked, the things I’ve done, all safely kept within a moleskin. Whenever I leave my house for the day, I always make sure to throw my journal into my bag. It has become somewhat of a meditation for me. A place to unwind and reminisce about the day. A blank page can be filled with anything: water colors, grocery lists, notes from class, song lyrics. There’s so much going on in my mind at all times it’s nice to have a moment to jot them down and to move on with my day. Here is a mash up of some of my favorite musings over the past six months.

I am grateful for: sunshine, summertime watermelon, picnics, walking barefoot, free spirits. crystals, dogs, love, grass, baths, Thai food, storms, rainbows, curry, avocados, the color yellow, feeling inspired, my friends, bad teen movies, blue hydrangea bushes, camping in a tent, sunflowers, road trips, ice cold water, coconut oil, pancakes, cinnamon, the ocean, autumn leaves, long baths, stretching out, gardens and conservatories.

Recharge: what to do when feeling down. Read a good book, journal, paint something pretty, walk in the woods, take a nap, talk to a friend, cook something delicious, go to the gym, do some yoga, meditate, listen to a good playlist, watch a documentary, remember what you’re grateful for, eat some fruit, drink a soy latte, go on a hike, go on a long walk.

A Message From the Sun: Focus on inner beauty. be kind, patient, giving. Smile more. Exude happiness wherever you go. Love yourself where you are in your life. Don’t worry about unimportant things. Spread love during every interaction. Find joy everywhere. Think more positively. Share your soul with others.

Positive intentions: bettering myself/ my life. Body- cut down on fat, oil, processed food, exercise daily, go on walks, yoga, remember to stretch. Mind- meditate, put down your phone, stop binge watching, journal, reflect, breathe deeply, read, learn something, practice Spanish, compliment yourself. Spirit- meditate, practice mindfulness, get outside for as long as you can every day, practice gratitude, practice positivity, love others wholeheartedly. 

*This post was inspired by an old post on themessyheads.com.

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